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Travel Award

To encourage young overseas participants to attend the meeting, we would like to inform you that Travel Award will be presented. Especially for young attendees, this will be a great chance to exchange a wide range of knowledge in cardiac CT and meet many specialists from overseas.
  • All medical doctors (M.D) from around the world are eligible to apply for the travel award. Applications from medical doctors in the Asia region are particularly encouraged. Applicants may apply for the travel award only per person.
  • 3 Award Winners will be selected based on the quality of submitted application and curriculum vitae.
  • Winners will be waived the registration fee and the prize (USD 600) will be given on May 26(Sun) at the meeting.
  • If you would like to apply for this precious opportunity, please complete the attached application form and send it back to the secretariat with your curriculum vitae by no later than April 30(Tue), 2019 via e-mail at
  • There will be a further announcement regarding the travel award guideline for those who applied for this award.